In Allen's latest dvd, Dynamic Haunted Attraction Design (Im 54 min in, AWESOME so far, review forthcoming ) there are some burlap masks resembling the old slipknot masks, or even a more intense version of the guy from strangers.

Im super impressed by those, and am wondering how he achieved such detail, especially the darkness and apparent dinginess of the material. Is there a tutorial of those, or similar masks out there?

Im assuming you get a burlap sack, hack away at it, string it up with a leather shoelace in the back, darken parts of it with spray paint... but am I missing anything, like lining for comfort? Or something to harden it and help keep its shape? Maybe some grease?

I made a strangers mask for halloween, and it kept my nose compressed down the whole night. How does one avoid that?

Dumb move I forgot to check if Allen makes a mask dvd. I'll do that now...