I decided after noticing all of the other build progresses were in this section to move (start anew here) my thread.

I'll post some pics up till today's progress. Keep in mind, this is our first year.

Bio: Been haunting parties and yards for many years. I'm 36 now, and since I was a young kid, I had always loved Halloween. Mom and dad always joked how I was the only child who looked forward to Halloween more than Christmas. I quit a few years ago and sold all of the stuff I had made. Stuff I had made looked awesome, I had the time and the money to do great costumes and had sold such as a nice Darth Vader for $800 to a Spawn costume I made that looked VERY good, thanks to a nice latex mask I stole from Trick or Treat for $30! It was listed for $99 at the time and someone had ripped it in the back. I used a hole puncher and made a hole at the end of the tear and it never ripped more. I dodn't know how or why I knew that would work, but some things just came to me.

This year has been rough. We've been struggling since my father in law passed and his place (next door to us) became a halfway house. With a nice looking wife and a newborn baby girl, we no longer felt safe with convicts and sex offenders 65 feet from us. Their numbers were in the 40's when we left. We sold our place, sold our 67 Camaro and took our savings to do this haunt. It has been my dream since I worked at Jonesboro Jaycees where I had helped build panels (too long ago to remember how) and for a short time was Predator, in a very VERY hot suit. I didn't get an award out of it, but people always bragged on how I was the best Predator. I'm a short fella, so I used a few of the crates (very strong ones) to leap from one to another (2 stacked to 1 crate) just in front of the guests.

So here we are. Giving it all we have to make it in one shot.

East 1.JPGEnds 1.JPG100_3400.JPG100_3406.JPG