Also, rules are something to get around, you may not have permanent zoning but you can go into can I have a 30 day operational waiver? Like the whole thing is a test, at least in their minds (not a permanent threat necessarily) and all the dates a and rules are meant to be broken.

Rather than a seace and disist order you are liable to start the clock on fines every day you are even on the property like civil disobedience unless you have some kind of permit. Chances are, no one even knows where all those extra forms are or who made the rules to begin with. Think of all the poor children and Halloween and all that drama just a couple pieces of paper are holding back!

Bobby does have one view, you could do a one night a weekend party and everyone bring something (like money to get in)

All it takes is one cranky old lady in the neighborhood that doesn't think she can tolerate anyone else having any noisy funs past 9PM and you have the cops there saying there is a complaint. Unless you get it somewhat preapproved by the neighbors and demonstrate that that little stand off of what are you supposed to do never happens. Ot that the officials have an answer to the situation like mam, it has a licence to operate and it is only 3 weekends, if you have a complaint you can see the judge. Way across town and tell you crap to him. BUt I wear diapers and only have a little rascal to get there, well sorry mam, I would take an extra set and charge that thing up before I left the house.

Having a Halloween party starting immediately the first weekend of October will be a test of who bitches or who has perhaps made things difficult even thought they all said they were with you on this, then it is time to call the TV station and cry to them that the city was not totally helpful and you are missing this possible thing in your life from being experienced.

You can sway what ever is happening from we only have things on this one day of a month to we had to have an emergency meeting especially for you and the cookies were not that great at that meeting so I hope you appreciate what we have gone through just for you.