Last year, we launched "Find Haunted Houses USA" to the Android App market. With over 7000 downloads in the month of October alone, we are now opening it up to haunts who want to be listed/featured. Here is how the app works: People download the app for free and can then view the haunts in the order of how far away they are from their current zip code. The app includes a description of the haunted house, the location, and the dates/times in operation. The application also has a GPS system that directs customers step by step to your haunt based on their current location.
Currently, the top 250 most popular haunted houses are listed in our database with a brief description of the haunt (taken from the website), the address, and the dates and times open. If you want to make sure your haunted house is listed for next year in our app (free), please email us at: info @ fearoverload DOT com. (200 characters allowed for description).

The price is $50 to be featured on this application, and includes these features:
* Your haunt will be on the top of the list for any person searching for haunted houses WITHIN 100 miles of your haunted house's address.
* Your haunt will be highlighted on the list with a giant blue star
* You will be allowed to describe your haunt with as many characters as you like and have a link to your website.
Please email: info@ fearoverload DOT com if you would like to be featured.

Here is a link to the application on the android market:

Please email us before August 31st 2012 if you want to be listed.

-Nathan with Fear Overload LLC