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Thread: Final Room Ideas to leave guests talking?

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  1. Default Final Room Ideas to leave guests talking? 
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    Apr 2009
    Theme: SleepAway Camp
    Final Room- Looking to create a "production" to leave guests talking and scare the crap out of them. We have dont the dark rooms, execution chamber etc. Sleep Away Camp theme we were thinking nurse theme but what will give that "Final effect? Thanks

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    Aug 2012
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Just to make sure I'm thinking correctly, you are talking about the Sleepaway Camp movie series that began in 1983 till the most recent one in 2008?


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    Apr 2009
    No we aren't basing it on any movie we are making our own sleep away camp Haunt. ideas, possibilities are endless, We have a ton of woods, corn maze and 2 Haunted Houses.

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    Apr 2009
    The final Haunted House which is a 20x20 room we are trying to have a show stopper night to remember. We were thinking of a detention discipline area for bad campers just trying to think how to make it scary

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    I have had this question as well - what is the single-most scariest ending that could be done in a haunt?

    Too often a haunted house just ends. There might be a boring chainsaw, but for the most part it does not feel like a real showstopper. We have had the problem of a strong opening, a great middle, then a poor or boring ending as if the ideas just whizzed away the further down the trail you went. In many ways we've found our thinking to be linear: we imagine the queue-line and entrance and major scenes, but don't always have a decent way to end things with a bang.

    Any ideas?

  6. Default last room same as the first 
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    Jul 2012
    Orange California
    The thing that got me the most comments was a room I did several years ago and am bringing it back this year. I have the last room EXACTLY the same as the first room (same entrance, props, actors that look alike, exit everything)...You should see the look on peoples faces when they walk in... You have to make the first room very memorable and I had an actor actually interacting with the people as they came in to make sure they looked around and took notice. It also helps if you have it look a little different than the rest of the haunt.

    The best reaction was at the end of the night there were four 21-ish college guys coming through. All of the actors were following them out (although they didnt know it) and when they walked into the room they were frozen in the corner as we all walked in. One of the actors piped up and said...haha were just messing with you, you went the wrong way. He then proceeded to walk them back a few rooms and left them there alone with nothing going on... LOLOL should should of seen them when they finally walked back into the last room. I seriously thought one of them was going to start crying. We all then just walked out without saying a word and they "sort of" followed us out. After they walked out 1 of them was PISSED (the one that was about to cry)... I think he finally figured out that they were not going to die.. The other 3 couldn't stop laughing at him. But the consensus was that it was the cruelest thing anyone had done to them and they also thought it was the best scare they had ever had done to them. (Im in SoCal and have to compete with Knott's, the Queen Mary, and Universal Studios...so I got some competition)
    What?? You dropped your cell phone in the Haunted house somewhere and wanted to know if I could go get it for you? Sorry, that's against the rules but I will let you go to the front of the line so you can go try to find it yourself. Just give me a moment to let the monsters know you are coming through again...Alone.

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