My fire marshal so far has been as helpful as anyone could ask ( i was waiting for her to volunteer to be a monster) but she has some concerns about the fire alarm system requirements. They require shutdown of the lights sounds ect as well as a pre-recorded message and safety lighting. I put together a schematic of how I could just build it basically like a animatronic, but she isn't really comfortable because it's not UL approved. I also gave her the cut sheets from a comercial unit which is 10 times more than the requirements needed but if it works, then I will do what I have too.

She asked if anyone on the forum could give her names of other fire marshals in Other cities that have more experience at dealing with the code for guidance. Can anyone on here offer me up some names of their fire marshal who was easy to deal with and what were the requirements they had for you? She is being way cool and wants to make this as easy for both of us as possible. She just wants to call them and get a comfort level with what she is doing.