Well, for all of you following my trials & tribulations with the F/M & other nonsense while trying to build a 30,000' sq. ft. haunt in under 100 days...I've got a new one for you! We were just handed a cease & desist order from the mall owners because of a labor dispute with the Union! Are you freaking kidding me...the Union has over 300+ men working on a $10m+ mall expansion here & their worried about 8-10 employees of mine fitting out a haunt? WTF are things coming to? Seriously...if the Union is that worked up over 8-10 men for a 5-6 week period, they have much bigger issues than my haunt...and they know it!

While we just got the keys a couple weeks ago, we have been working non-stop for nearly a year pre-fabing everything in my shop. So sadly, after nearly $60,000. in soft cost alone, we are regretfully pulling the plug for this season. Our attorney is attempting a "sit-down" with the mall owners & the Union officials to see if things can be "worked" out...if so, we will continue our build out, & open for weekends only next July & August (since we are in a shore tourist town) we feel we can build as strong base over the summer. We'll repair/revamp in September & re-open for October. If things cannot be "worked" out than we are back to square one looking at another location! Freakin' heartbroken & mad as hell Much time and money flushed! Union taking on a haunt!!! ONLY in freakin' New Jersey!

Well, best of luck to all of you hustling & busting your butts to repair, remodel & open for the season...I'm jealous Wish you all the best and hope to post some positives on here shortly along with pics & vids! Got to go now, I'm ordering a 60' tall inflatable cat that I'm setting up next to their 20' freakin' rat!