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Thread: ScreamLine Studios ?????? WTH?

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  1. Default  
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    HAHAHA good shit granny !!! good shit!!!!!

    P.S BLOW YOUR ASS LOL and thank you

    Jason out!!

  2. Default Pickle vs. Pickel 
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    Feb 2012
    Atlantic City (area), NJ
    Steve &/or Jason,
    (not sure who the owner(s) are), this figures...I've had that nickname for than more than 30 years & I got to come on here & always be confused with "Pickel"! Don't know Leonard but I'm pretty sure he spells his name Pickel while I go by...well- Pickle!
    lol Tater's right...those post were from me, NOT Leonard. So please don't go after him or his wife @ the next convention! We don't need anymore fuel on this fire...lol Seriously, glad you two worked things out & this thread is closed. Just wanted to jump on here & clarify me & Leonard...I'm hoping to make 2-3 conventions this year & I'll stop by & introduce myself.


    PS: Tater- Good catch...I try & catch those mix-ups early but can't catch 'em all! So anyone that caught this thread please check the spelling on "Pickle" on any post...nothing I post can be mistaken as "esteemed"! LMAO I'm out...

  3. Default Apology Accepted 
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    Mar 2005
    Mentor, Ohio
    Thanks Pickle - I appreciate your words and look forward to the Drinks!

    I'm glad everyone seems to be happy.
    Steve Martini
    Screamline Studios


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