I'm giving a presentation to the State of Ohio Fire Marshals in a couple weeks before they head out to inspect haunts in Ohio. They asked me to share what the HAA and Midwest Haunters Convention are doing to educate haunt operators on building and fire safety codes. We're going tell them about the HAA Chaos class and the classes taught at the Midwest Haunters Convention (we use the chief state fire marshal and the chief building inspector to teach our classes). They also want to know what issues haunters have with fire marshals and building inspectors.

I'm going to request the building inspector and fire marshal follow the same codes; as we've had issues with them disagreeing on code issues before. I’m also going to share our frustration of short lead times when making major changes to codes (like four years ago when they announced in September they were going to require sprinkler systems in haunted attractions). Are there any new regulations they are planning to enforce this year?

Are there any other legitimate issues out there you want us to share with them?

John Eshlich from Factory of Terror and I will be giving the presentation. We want to educate them on the steps our industry has taken to prepare our attractions for the season and protect our customers. We’re thankful they’re giving us this opportunity to talk with the fire marshals before they begin inspecting haunts. Hopefully this effort will make life a little easier for everyone.

Kelly Collins
The ScareAtorium
The Midwest Haunters Convention