Ok I want to use fog machines and fog machines will cause smoke detectors to go off...

FM Answer: Then use heat detectors.

Me: Well the building has sprinklers set at 135 degrees... So the sprinkler will go off and signal the fire alarm the same time the heat detector will....Why then do I need to install 50+ heat detectors next to all the sprinkler heads???

FM answer: NFPA states that you have to have an approved smoke detection system.

Me: But the fog machine will set off the smoke detector.

FM Answer: Then use the heat detectors....

Me: But the sprinkler heads already will do that

FM Answer: You must do one or the other.

Me: Did I just walk into a bad Abbot and Costello routine?

FM Answer: If you can find legitimate exception in the NFPA requirements you can do whatever you want...

I then just read on a website for a theatrical effects the following:

Q - My fog effect triggers the fire alarms! Does this mean I can't do fog?
A - Not necessarily. It's a little-known fact that, according to NFPA regulations, smoke detectors do not have to be turned on during a performance; all that is required is some way of notifying you and the fire department in the event of a fire. While this is almost always the electronic smoke detectors, it could also be a human being. For example, you may be allowed to hire off-duty firemen to act as your "smoke detectors" during the show. Consult with your local fire marshal for more details.

Has anyone else ever heard of this before?? I might actually get them to not require them if its true. Unfortunately the NFPA is really good at copy-writing all the BS we have to follow and I cant find anything on hte internet.