Hey Gang-
Now is the time that things get stressful and crazy for all of us and I want to help. Each of us have skills that might help someone else in their moment of need. I consider every haunter a brother or sister of mine and I dont mind helping out when I can. I have called on local haunters before and they always come by and help me out. I try to act in kind. This is for moments that are frustrating you and you would just like a phone call with an expert or someone more familiar with your project than you are.
If you are willing to help others this haunt season if they need your skill set then post your name and number and what you can help with. Maybe you are great with DMX, happen to be an electrician, a plumber, build aircannons, are a master of Fright props controllers, can program BASIC stamp controllers, or can make costumes out of tablescraps and fish tears. I will start off- Hope fully others can add to my skill set and make this a useful thread for all haunters.

Im Allen Hopps - 469-337-4929
I am good at Actor training, general haunt design, set design and decoration, prop construction, mask and mold making, and costuming. I am a stilt and stilt walking expert (I feel I can say that strongly). If you need help in those categories or just need to talk to a 25+ year haunter then feel free to call. I tend to give advice like your grand parents would give if they were haunters common sense crap that you would see for yourself if you were not so emotionally involved. And I can find just about anything you might need haunt wise.