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Thread: Calming down scared little kids

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    Apr 2008
    Tallahassee, FL
    We suggest teens age 13 and up only, but I was a kid once and I would have LOVED to go to our haunted house-- so we can't say "no" to them without being total hypocrites. If they do come and they are really spooked at the entrance (which kids with any good sense are), I give them a special glow stick and tell them it's enchanted and will keep the monsters at bay. "Just hold it out in front of you and it will prevent them from grabbing, biting or eating you, I promise! It's magic, you see! The rest of you, however-- well, good luck. (You'll need it!)" The kids like it and we advise our terrorists not to target anyone with glow stick. (So it actually serves two purposes-- since they can see that stick as some distance.)

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    Mar 2011
    Raleigh, NC
    First, I'm a parent (three times) and you can bet I watched where my kids went and what they did even (and especially) during their teens. That being said, I have seen parents drop off 12 year olds at an all night rave without even inquiring about what went on inside! I usually recommended they go inside and check out the drug-induced sex going on upstairs, which usually resulted in kids being taken home but the large majority stayed.

    I don't recommend kids under 12, but I am not parenting somebody else's kids. If they want to let their kids go through its their decision ( poor kid). Usually the kids end up having a great time though watching Dad piss himself and scream like a little girl!
    Travis "Big T" Russell
    Big T Productions Inc

    Owner and Operator of "The Plague" and "Camp Nightmare"

    Customer Quote of the year: "Damn, I pissed myself"

  3. Default Ravens Grin Methodology 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Many will drive hours just to see the place. Many are Summer tourists, familys, it's just "something to do."
    It does take time to entertain a group comprised of adults and children and we eat up a lot of time here by any other haunt's "clock".
    Parents really often do not "know" their kids as evidenced by what I have heard hundreds of times:"My child won't be afraid,(He/She) watches all of those bloody, gory movies all the time..."
    Guess again Parent, that kid is the first one to scream and refuse to enter my house, usually.
    When small kids are outside and we are selling tickets we talk to them first, we promise them what we will NOT be doing to them in here, and then we keep that promise. Very simple, huh? They appreciate this whole-heartedly and so do the Parents who will not be awake at 3 am with "Nightmare Niki". (If the Parents don't like your tactics they won't be opening the wallet next time.)
    My Wife is Very good with children, I'm too old and scary looking to accomplish things the ways she does with them.
    We often allow the small child to become a part of the show, operating some of the "Effects", often times actually scaring their family members! (Now They Are In To IT!! We just created a Halloween-Haunt Fan! Watch out world! Here's gunna be ANOTHER ONE!
    Ten, fifteen years ago when a van puled up there might be 10 customers getting out. Now a small subcompact pulls up with two people. I need everyone getting out of the car to buy a ticket, but more than that be enthused to return and buy another ticket some other night.
    I will gladly run the risk of being called "Not Scary", I can live with that. We trade "Scary" often times for hysterical fun, laughs, goofy things, ideas and fabulous ... memories, which when shared sell my house again and again with no advertising bills! (Pure Profit?)
    "Not Scary?" Ask the October helpers who ran out of here screaming to never return when "things" happened here right before their sober eyes! (It is a haunted, haunted house)
    When talking about such events here I do run the risk of totally terrifying some people in deep , non-reversable ways, something I Do Not Want To Do, for all the obvious and right reasons , besides it is bad for business.
    I talk about those odd events with attempted humor added, most of the time, and yes own flexibility as far as what audience is sitting there does make the experience here multidimensional, we also do late night "adult" tours, no nudity, no foul language, just a fun place to bring your date for laughs and bachelor-ette party outings (much fun!)
    We are OPEN every night of the year plus Sat. & Sun. afternoons. going on 25 years.

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