Hey fellow haunters!

I am very new to this forum and I have read some topics that have been on here, but am not sure if this has been talked about before or not. But here we go.

So I have been put in charge of planning, building, and managing an entire large haunt that will be opening in 2014. I have worked in haunted houses since I was little and have worked in the majority of the time in the creative aspect of things. Acting, Costumes, Props, Set Design, etc. So when it comes to the financial side of things I have very little experience. With the business end of things I will be getting assistance but I know budgeting, and management of funds. We have a lot of things falling into place but I need some help from you guys who are in the industry a lot longer than me and have owned your own haunts.

I just have a few questions that would really help me a lot. If you could please answer these questions it would mean the world to me. If you don't want to disclose this right here in a reply, you can message it to me, I can call you on the phone, or you can email it to me. Whatever is most convenient to you. I truly appreciate any help and insight that you can give me. When I was offered this position it was a dream come true, and I am going to do my all to make sure it doesn't fail. This is my passion and I want this haunt to become one of the best around. Thanks everyone, and here are the questions:

1. Name of Haunt and Location

2. Typical cost for gas in a season

3. Cost of Electric

4. How many actors do you have hired for your show?

5. How many sq feet (or acres if outdoor) is your haunt?

6. Typical amount of patrons that come through your doors (or gate, cave, etc) each season

7. Cost of upkeep, and repairs that you will budget each year.

Any other insight or thoughts that you have would be greatly appreciated. I really am excited about this project (hence why im still awake and posting this at 2 in the morning), and can't wait to start touring more haunts and getting to meet all of you at Transworld and other shows. Thanks again!