I'm speaking of ACTOR OWNED costumes of course. We already provide 90% of our costuming for continuity's sake, but with the explosive growth of silicone and other professionally made costumes we have found an increase in desire for actors to own their own complete and highly detailed costumes.

So it has occurred to me that maybe I should get more active in fostering this interest, since it obviously has benefits to the show (and the industry by the way), by having some structured policy of financial subsidization.

Sure it has its down side, but the upside seems to far outweigh that (even if you only consider the morale benefits), so I'm asking you to share your opinion and or experience.

So the way this is forming in my mind is that it would be a reimbursement of a certain percent of a certain amount of money spent by the actor on specific kinds of items during a specific time frame each year. Dated receipts would be required and reimbursement could be made in addition to actor pay (if any) at time pay is issued, or up front if you trust the individual that much.

I would think the the subsidies would start only after a fairly high amount has been invested by the actor in order to keep the quality aimed high and the nickle and diming down. You could even put a maximum amount on it if -god forbid- the actor really goes balls out.

Oh and by the way (not that it was the reason for this post) but wouldn't it be nice if there were a monster uniform service company out there? Maybe one that supported the guy subsidizing the actors?