That's the best way I can describe what I'm after. I need some more inspiration in the heavy webbing department.

Pro webber glue stick gun: check

Beef netting: check

Dollar store cheapy web: check- thick and lush-like, but i tend to avoid it for flammability concerns.

Web in a spray can: check- not really impressed.

Contact cement webber: not tried yet.

Silicone web: not tried yet.

The ultimate spider nest: not so check.

I long for the ultimate giant spider nest... and I have been experimenting with all manner and combinations of materials to make said nest- without satisfaction. I think it's not so much finding a new material to work with, but perfecting the technique using what I already have.

For instance I just saw a great pic of beef net web done in a fashion I had not seen before- great looking at 20+ feet, but I need great looking at 2-10 feet, and durable as well.

Anyone have inspirational pics of webbing that is thick, lush and realistic on a room size scale?