Has anyone had any issues with Johnson Animatronics? We ordered a simple molded fire hydrant from them at Transworld in March of 2012. Paid cash at the show when we placed the order. I had to chase them down, since their email addresses and phone numbers don't work. Finally getting a hold of Chris Johnson, I was told that he would be pouring the piece that week. Never heard anything from him after that, instead I had to text the number which I knew was his cell phone. I got back a response yesterday, 8/25/12, that his fiance is going into labor and he has to be by her side. This is nearly 6 months after we ordered this unpainted product. It is a simple mold. Chris Johnson has also said that he was waiting for latex to pour this. I haven't ever heard it taking almost 6 months to get a product in stock. If it does, you need to find more suppliers. The last response and favorite text I got back was "Shit happens, I'm sorry."

Beware of Johnson Animatronics. Their customer service is horrible! The haunt industry needs a grading system on vendors. The trade shows will let anyone become a vendor as long as they have money.