The haunt season will soon be upon us, and I need to find a good costume to use. I've narrowed it down to two that I'd like, but am not sure which one would be better. I'm going to be a que line/parking lot actor this year, so I'd like a costume that I can move around easily in, perhaps chase people. But I'd also like it to look amazing, and make the guests think "man, that's cool!". That being the case, I'm unable to decide between these two.
great wolf.jpgka beast.jpg
The smaller one would allow me to run and move around better, but the second one just looks freaking awesome, and I think the customers would like it. I haven't been a que line actor before, so I don't know which one would ultimately be the better choice. Which one would serve my purpose better? Should I use sheer shock value, or go for a costume that allows more mobility?