Hello everyone,
Long time no see. I have been out searching for a loctaion for 2013 or 2014 with no luck and what I have found would make a mega haunt go broke.
I have really been a big fan of business co-operation and I dont really see any haunts doing it. Please give me some feed back on the topic.
I really feel it would be a great opertunity for two haunts to work together, i.e. a already existing haunt teams up with a new start up haunt, to then be able to offer two haunts at one location without having to put out to offer said second haunted attraction (each haunt would take care of there own moeny)
If two haunts are at one location it will draw to different crowds right? and each crowd will go to both haunts... so if one haunt draws 3000 peole two should draw more right? and this way if give a current haunt a way to make more money and have more crowd apeal... and a new start up haut wont have to face a 200K rent bill the first year and already has a crowd it can somewhat count on while benefiting the main haunt... haunters helping haunters out and benefiting from it....
Any feedback would help... Im pulling my hair out right now... It seems like when you ask anyone they say start small just like all the big haunts did but 200K plus for rent doesnt seem soo "SMALL" and the industry as narture doesnt take too well to bank loans.... Help?