Has anyone else been through there? I work at their haunt, and both before and AFTER I started working there I have had several paranormal experiences. My family took their ghost tour a few years ago and my brother saw a full body apparition in the boiler room (ironically the maze I'm in passes through said boiler room), and heard a little girl in the infamous pool, and there were NO little girls in our tour at all.

Since working there I've had a few more noticeable experiences. My first year there, I had a strange encounter where I had my badge showing I worked there hanging perfectly still and no where near anything that could bump it. I turned away for a second to check my makeup and when I turned back around it was swinging as if someone had grabbed and pushed it. Then in the maze I'm in now, a group of us were in the supposedly haunted boiler room and we heard what sounded like footsteps on the bridge over it. We had someone go look and they said there was no one up there. A few minutes later we follow him and as we walk up to it, we hear footsteps again stomping up and down the bridge. We call our friend's name and get no response. So we walk to the end of the bridge, still hearing footsteps, and there is no one there. One of our friends RUNS across to the otherside and halfway through the maze and finds that the guy took the shortcut to the exit and left the maze. Another friend in that same exploration, took a photo of the pool and it came out clear. Seconds later, with the same settings and from the same place, her camera on her iPhone stopped working. 7-8 photos were taken and NONE came out right. Suddenly as she's standing there, her phone clicks with a photo without her actually taking it. The photo comes out and it's solid red, same color of her dress, but featureless. We tried recreating it, but you could see the grain of the denim dress no matter what.

So I'm curious: Have any of you guys been there? And if so, did you have any sort of experience?