Well, I found a few threads in this section about vendors. Being our first year, I thought it prudent to post my experience.

So far we've ordered from: Frightprops, Poisonprops, Gore-Galore, zagone, midnight studios and a few others.

We've gotten EVERYTHING in, in just a few weeks from everyone... but Gore Galore.

I ordered back in June (towards end of June)
Only ordered 2 items, <$500 worth. Costume pieces. Mask w/ goggles and a weapon.

We inquired as to when we can expect them since they're key elements in a costume for our publicity stunts.
Was told late July / Mid August and would try to "work us into schedule" even had it printed on our receipt. Also said they would know more in a week or so and would let us know if they could bump us in the schedule.... Never got back with us.

Months go by, I inquire via email. Nothing.
Used the email responded by sales@GG... nothing.
It took several emails, and I never received a response until I mentioned needing a refund.

"Hi Dewayne. He is painting the masks and halos now. We are expecting your order to leave by Friday/Monday at latest." was the response. (That was August 21st. Still nothing.)

No apology or anything about a delay or not getting back to us, or even a response to the refund request. I told them I had emailed many times and that I understood sometimes emails get lost or tossed, but several times in a row, one of them had to have made it. I understood their "guidelines" when ordering, but I thought if I'm not gonna get an update email, or response to my emails or tracking / shipping info / updates, I may as well get my money back.

It's my understanding that they're only 4 hours drive from us. It's been a week since they said it would go out as the latest, still no update, no response, no tracking / shipping information.
I know vendors are busy. That's why I ordered as soon as I could, as soon as I KNEW I was going to need the costume pieces, I ordered.

My publicity stunts started last night and we're one key character short now. Bottom line, I know sh#% happens, but I can't help but to feel ignored and not cared about. I honestly feel that I've given them enough time and been fair on my end, providing the information they gave me. I've reassessed many times, and consulted with the rest of my team and in a fair frame of mind, we all feel the same.

To GG, we don't hate you guys, we're not pissed, just disappointed. I've read about a lot of the vendor threads here and everyone seems to have had the same concern, communication, though not many were with you guys (if any) so I hate to be the first to complain, but I felt it better to list my experience. At this time, we can not think about returning for large purchases for our second year.


Dewayne & Marcy
Night Terrors of Northeast Arkansas