Like most of the other haunted house owners that just started I have been having TROUBLE. The first of the month the fire safety office said I can open but I have to use metal studs and drywall. So I took it as a blessing and went to WORK. I have been doing twelve hour days since and got two rooms up in three days. I have ten rooms to go but I will get it done. Plus I lost the ten percent of the money I put down on DOT because I could not use there walls so I walked. I never give up just like gatti in a boxing match[rest his sole] and most of the time he would lose the hole fight but he could pull it off in the last few rounds by KO. I just wanted to share with my fellow haunters that I am still in the fight and I am NOT going to give up no matter what the odds are. Stamina is what makes or brakes people and I have a hole swimming pool full.