This will be my first year and a little concerned about actors. The haunt is benefitting my son's 11yr old baseball team. I'm splitting half of the proceeds with the team. I have talked with everyone on the team about partisipating on a volunteer basis back in March. All is I think. My concern is that other things are coming up and even though they said they would, when it boils down to it, who can you count on, right?

My question to ALL is: If my parents are not going to fullfil the acting portion and once I have determinded that they are not partisipating. Should I pay for actors or should I stick to volunteers and if I do end up having to pay them, would it be terribly wrong to pay them at the end of the week. Since we are only open 7:30-10:30 Oct. 26th-Halloween night.

Would like some input, on what some of you did starting out. I will continue this next year as a full season. This year is just a trial run.

Thank you for your thoughts.