Hi, Everyone. It's been a while since I posted to this forum (had a variety of things going on including a few moves) but now have something worth sharing.

It's a new website that I think could be a good tech resource for haunters. It's a wiki, meaning all of us can edit it to make it better, and its all about entertainment technology, particularly practical effects like puppetry, animatronics, stagecraft, makeup, etc. (basically stuff that would be useful to Haunt Proprietors). If you've used wikipedia, which uses the same software, you understand the speed and great capabilities for entering or finding info.

Something we've probably all discovered as we learn and share knowledge about making haunted houses, doing movie special effects, and so on is that there's a lot of information out there. A lot to learn, and a lot of places from which to learn. Great books, DVDs, and magazines, and then a massive quantity of useful websites - like the fright forum. We have forums and blogs and other ways of sharing this info, but the way we find out about those places is from other blogs, websites, and (probably more than anything else) web searches. I really appreciate when folks take the time to share their favorite resources, and this wiki is a way to share knowledge in a way that's uncluttered, organized, and maintained by the community.

Already on the wiki, there is a decent amount of links to other useful websites, articles, books, tutorials, and so on. But because it's a wiki, any of you can just click “edit” on a page and add more links. You can add a link to a post you wrote on this forum, for instance, and that way people who are on the wiki learning about that same topic can easily find your work. Because of the open format of a wiki, I think it would also be a great place to write original content. A tutorial on the wiki could very easily link directly to other wiki pages – so like a tutorial on plaster casting could have a link embedded to the material page, so the reader can learn more about plaster, or find out a good vendor for purchasing it. I expect that there are many places on the wiki that should link back to the useful guidance available on the fright forum. I regularly find great tutorials on different technical topics, or deep explanations of some aspect of effect-making that I was ignorant of. I try to always post these things to the wiki, so that anyone else can get the same benefit and find it more easily than I did. You may get a note from me at some point to request mirroring on the wiki what you've written here. I don't know if it's the same on this forum, but my thinking on the wiki is that everything written there is free information, to be shared in whatever way.

If you want to read more about the wiki (why I did it and a call to action for you ), there's a mission page. Or you can just check it out at the home page:

Go to Entertain Tech Wiki

I hope you find it useful,