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Thread: Transworld Show Floor FOG or NO FOG... you decide

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  1. Default Transworld Show Floor FOG or NO FOG... you decide 
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    There is a debate going on whether or not to allow vendors to spray up the show floor with FOG... I voted NO FOG! We all know what fog machines do, and what fog is and does. Last year it was SO BAD I could hardly see a thing ... do vendors want the show floor filled up with fog, or would you rather have no fog so you can see everything the way you are suppose to see it?

    Ghost Ride voted no fog, I'm voting no fog... what say you?

    Did the fog create a huge problem on the show floor?


  2. Default  
    I vote NO fog, but instead of just saying NO, NO, NO, let's come up with a solution so those vendors aren't left out in the cold. We have a Dark Zone area curtained in, how about a second curtained in area, the Fog Zone.

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    Mar 2007
    Lafayette, Louisiana
    I absolutely disagree. No two fog machines are the same and if I can't see one in action I don't buy. It would be better to make an area of the floor where they can be grouped like the dark zone. Maybe the "Fog Zone".
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  4. Cool  
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    Jan 2007

    I have never been to a show, but my thought is if a vendor has a new product to show fog or foggers, why not put these vendors in a differant room or controlled space???

    I'm sure there would be a handfull of these venders, but at least you would have other vendors not being effected. Better yet why not set up a time schedule throughout the day when fog and foggers can be deminstrated.

    My opinion if they are using the fog as a mood or display setter, then I would say no fog should be used. If the vender needs the lighting, fog, and sounds to market a new product stand out or sell then they should be required to make a deminstration video that they can play at their booth.

    Just my 2 cents!!!

    Mr. Haunt

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    Oct 2011
    Lexington, KY.
    I vote fog...and MORE fog!

    But really, why doesn't Transworld just reach out to the buyers with all the emails they have in their database from registration instead of putting a feeler out through Hauntworld? Oh wait, that would make sense...I guess they won't reach out to their own buyers. Ugh... -Tyler
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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    I need to see the machines work in order to buy one. Why not just ask fog machine vendors to be judicious about their use? Try that route before you make knee jerk reaction that might impede someones business.
    Allen H

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    Nov 2008
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Could they utilize any space outside of the convention center? Perhaps the loading dock around back?

  8. Default Hummmm 
    Man this is a hard one!!! I mean when you got vendors like Froggys they need to show the quality of their product. This would be like saying blood or no blood, gore or no gore. X or G rated. If they are in the business of selling fog I say they should be allowed to but if a vendor is just using it for their booth to attract attention I say NO! You could also have a vendor say this prop comes with fog. Shane and it's what do you guys think? Shane

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    Aug 2011
    Of course fog, that's as much a part of the ambiance of the show as seeing black tee shirts. It's a haunt show, fog is a must!


  10. Default Have a seperate section with closed tents for fog vendors 
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    Mar 2012
    This would be perfect. People who want fog could just go there at their leisure and check out the area. Plus,the fog would be contained in one sectioned off area. This could work to everyones' advantage if done right. Good luck with this. It wont make everyone happy, but something has to be done.

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