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Thread: Haunt tactics?

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  1. Default Haunt tactics? 
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    Jun 2008
    OK... so we purchased a costume at the convention in St. Louis, and then won one that night at the party.... I called a couple weeks ago and left a voice mail. They called back and promised the costumes would be mailed a week ago Saturday and that they would send me a shipping number. Needless to say I have not seen a shipping number, nor the costumes?! We open next weekend. Anyone else not getting their stuff? I really love their costumes but dang this is putting us in a bind.
    And no... I still did not get a return call or my stuff from Shot in the Dark. Guess for them its calling the credit card company and getting my money back.

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    Mar 2012
    Chicago, IL
    I have dealt with shot in the dark. Never will I pay with credit card again for anything with them. They charged us twice and delayed refunding our money for over a month. We disputed the charge. I have not dealt with Haunt Tactics, but good luck.
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    I apologize about the lateness, however your costumes were shipped last monday. i emailed you the tracking numbers, but apparently the email i have for you i didnt copy down correctly. please email me @ tim[MENTION=21132]Haunt[/MENTION]tactics.com for the info you need. again i apologize.
    Tim McCall

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    Mar 2011
    Raleigh, NC
    I had a similar issue with another vendor two years ago - they wrote down the wrong email. Things were extremely hectic in their booth with people lined up tp buy stuff, and there was paperwork everywhere. My suggestion to al vendors taking show orders (from someone who has worked hundreds of shows) - take a business card and staple it to the order form. Gives you all the contact information you need and speeds the order process so you aren't standing there writing all this stuff down.

    And haunt owners - have business cards with your name, address, telephone number (not the number to the haunt but your personal cell number) and email address. It will save you a ton of headaches in the long run, and it only cost me $35 for 500 cards at Staples.
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    Jun 2008
    OK... Normally I would just let this pass but one thing I hate is being lied to. Haunt tactics is too good a business to start this type of thing. You have OUTSTANDING product. You have obviously put a ton of yourselves into this company. So dont start doing what others have done and start making excuses. Especially when its so easy to check out. The mailing date on the packages I received today was Sept. 21st. Not Monday, not Tuesday and certainly not last Saturday as promised. But the FRIDAY after you promised to have it in the mail. I would have rather have had you call me and apologize and tell me the truth than to have you tell me that you mailed them when you did not. We ALL get behind sometimes. But good business and good customer relations is built on truth. You do WAY more damage to yourself when you tell a little fib hoping to get stuff to people when you really are struggling.
    Why post this? Because I believe that every once in a while you need a reality check. As I said, YOU HAVE GREAT PRODUCT. Both my wife and I love your stuff. It surpasses ever other comparable product we looked at. In an area were other haunts are lucky if they spend $500 on masks for their entire crew we will have three top quality costumes to go along with our other sets. Will I buy again... I dont know how I can not! Especially if you come out with another costume line as good as you did this year. (In fact if you come out with a female mummy I could really go for that!) Just take a step back and recognize that you WANT to be the company everyone looks too... not lower yourself to just another one of "those" companies.

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