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Thread: Ghostride productions issues

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    Nov 2009
    Larry that is not true I had a issue with a DVD order with your company right after Jim took a little leave from there and you are the one that called me back and got it resolved. Well you made Patti resolve it actually. But I have never had a problem with you at least answering your phone and I know you are busy, but you do answer. I wish that people would realize that just a answer would be nice even if it is to say it won't make it for this season, at least you can make other plans. Doug has it a little easier he does not sell it unless he has it and you know it's on back order the day after you place a order. We don't order things that you run to another Wallmart and pick up if it does not show so the sooner you know the faster you can replace it with a alternative. Larry you seam to be close to Mike at Ghostride maybe you could give him a call and ask to check the forum out so he may update people about their prop order. I know if this was Gore Galore that Kevin is on here regularly and would address the questions.

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    I'm a small guy and placed a decent order with Ghost ride 2 years ago. The stuff came in mixed batches but all showed up. The last pieces showed up the day we opened. Mike knew the day I needed it and it showed that day. I'm not saying communication is great, I'm saying they will come through.

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    As for me returning your phone call I do appreciate you saying that... so let me correct myself. I've heard a few irate voice mails or panic filled emails and I call those people back asap and yes you are right I insist someone fixes the problem. When someone emails me a problem I make sure someone resolves it asap... if someone pays for something they should get what they paid for when they want it. I want everyone to be happy...

    I must say my level of communicating with customers between myself and Patti is 8 or 9 on a scale of 1 to 10... I think the average in this industry is probably a 6 or a 7. I've said this so many times I can't count but vendors need someone to do nothing but answer the phone like Gore Galore he has someone who talks to customers maybe not himself but someone... when the summer times comes hire someone to do nothing but communicate with buyers problem solved.

    But I will say again Ghost Ride is a first class company and I'll stake my life on that one.


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    Mar 2010
    All I have to say I really want one of their animated "mules" aka their take on the walking dead jawless walkers....those were SWEET at the show. Lol.

    These guys are big enough to afford a secretary. Or atlest a cell phone that they can answer when people make threads about how unhappy they are... I dunno.

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    Minneapolis, MN
    All companies have their own unique challenges to deal with. I don't have any information on the complaints that have been raised here with GRP. I have known Michael for 10 years and have never known him to be anything but a stand up guy.

    Regarding the vendor communication side conversation: It's pretty important that your customers know you are there for them! For my company it makes the most sense to correspond via e-mail. For one thing, we have answered a majority of the questions before and can simply direct customers to documents. These can sometimes be technical and hard to describe over the phone. We pretty much have zero time to chit chat on the phone this time of year


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