i just wanted to take this time to let the haunt community know about whats going on. First and for most we are behind, but dont let that make anyone think they will not get their stuff because i do not or will not ever just not fill an order. After the fire at the Vally of fear(the show we produce) my partner and head artist left us to concentrate on the rebuild. he disolved his part in HT and left us in a tight spot. we were left with 2 us of make the remainder of the orders and we thought wed have everyhing out by now, but it was a lot, yes i know it sounds like a lot of excuses but i promise this is the truth. there is no doubt in my mind that everything will be out with in the next week or so and realize this puts people in a tight spot and from the bottom of my heart i apologize. this has been weighing heavy on me and i do not want to turn into somthing you hear horror stories about. i believe in our product and hope this is a sign of good faith in the eyes of all of you. I can tell you now HT will never do animatronics again. with a small crew and the amount of demand we were over our heads and out of our league. If we can dig ourselves out of this hole, costumes will remain the focus of HT and go back to what we do best. we owe it to everyone to do a better job and right every wrong. the 2 attractions waiting for plants i promise you will get your stuff. i no this latness isnt ideal, but everything you paid for you WILL get. saying sorry in this case may not be enough, but we are grinding out what is left then reavaluating our company when the dust settles. if stan and i feel we can no longer bring the haunt community the quality it deserves in a timely manner HT will not longer exsist. I love this industry and the friends ive made and nothing hurts me more than the thought of letting you down. We will get everything out and if we do go on i swear this will never ever happen again. Thank you for your time.