So last night we had a meeting yesterday at the zoo I operate the Hayride at for their annual event. All the diffrent people who run the diffrent sites during this event including the event cordinator were theret. Now let me explain how this event works families come to main gate of zoo get tickets and go to diffrent treat stations and then pay a seperate admission into a haunted house as well as the hayride I run. So everyone is speaking about their diffrent positions and their ideas then it comes to my turn. I say how i want to put actors on the Hayride next to the door of it and pull them off as victims. Now everyone loves the idea except this one woman who runs the front gate. Now mind you she has no authority and nothing to do with the hayride, she says if children come on the hayride they will scream and be terrified, and was making a big deal about it. I leaned across the table (we were in a board meeting room) and I was pissed I looked at the event director and said listen you put me in charge on making this thing scary as hell. I have been doing this for 14 yrs and running it for the last 3 Im here cuz I know what I'm doing. If little kids arent screaming we arent doing our job. This has never been an issue in the past. If parents feel its to scary for children then dont bring them on but if we cant even make a child scream then we def arent going to be making adults scared. Everyone agreed with me but now they want to put up a disclaimer just to be safe (which we have never had before in my 14 yrs of doing this as well as overall this is the 25th anniversary of it.) So my question is what do your disclaimers say if you use them. I figured you guys were my best source for this info. Thanx guys!