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Thread: Facebook ... What are you doing?

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  1. Default Facebook ... What are you doing? 
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Facebook is becoming a very interesting way to market your business these days... many of the people on our site are clicking into your facebook not your website. We are trying to build up facebook likes on our page, as I'm sure most of you are. What are you doing to build facebook likes for your haunt this year.

    We are really rolling now...

    Last year Hauntworld had 1000 likes now not even a year later we are closing in on 30,000. Scarefest we started around this time last year and now we have almost 16,000 and getting about 400 per day! I know some of you out there are growing faster than that, so I was wondering what are you doing to build your facebook likes and how important do you think your facebook page is to your haunted house?

    What kinds of info do you post and how often do you post on your facebook???

    I can tell you some of the things I'm doing but I wanted to pose the question first!

    I think when Halloween is over Hauntworld will peak between 40 and 50k and Scarefest will end up around 25k. There are haunts out there like 13th Gate with 40k already! WOW! So lets help each other while the iron is still hot!


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    Apr 2009
    Near Charlotte NC
    We (The Big Scary Show) are giving shout-outs and plugs to anyone who is one of our hundredth 'likes'. We have also given away prizes from Midnight Syndicate, Screamline Studios, and soon Hector Turner's calendar for people who 'like' us. In fact, the only people who are eligible to enter our Gruesome Giveaway are those who follow us on Facebook.

    Please go an 'like' our page and you just might get a shout-out from us...


    In addition, we post a lot of news and info as well as a request for news. You might even see a pic or two...

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    Jul 2010
    Well we use it in two ways- a page for our fans and another for our staff. Both are incredible for getting information to many people with a single push of button.

    As far as our fan page goes- well, I'm a 2nd year noob but apparently we are getting the word out fairly quickly without buying ads and getting, what I would consider, a reasonable amount of likes. We've done a minimal amount of promotion so far but are contemplating a formatted type promotion in the future. See, there lies the rub- what does the extra effort mean for a haunt such as ourselves? We're not in a large market and the competition is isolated by distance.

    At the moment, what seems appropriate is to stimulate our fans with regular updates and teaser info during the off season and then ramp it up a month before opening with some simple contests for haunt schwag.

    What I usually hear the most feedback about is images we have posted- and not limited to images of what we have in the haunt, but stuff from the shows or articles about other events, etc...

    Anyway, we live and learn...
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Why dont' you guys share your facebook pages so we can see them... we need more people to share what they are doing to help everyone!

    The Hauntworld Facebook page was started about 11 months ago... it now has about 27,000 likes and growing by about 1000 per day right now! I'm hoping by the end of the season we'll have around 40 to 50 thousand friends and by Halloween next year we'll be north of 100,000.

    I can see right now it will take a lot of work though... but I think we can get it there.

    Here is the Hauntworld Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/hauntworlds...ref=ts&fref=ts


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    Feb 2009
    Brilliant Ohio
    We started our page when FB just started getting major notice. We didn't know much about it and, like dumbasses, we started a regular page that capped us at 5000 friends, unknown at the time. We have a fan page now, but the regular page is way more useful, I wish they'd lift the friend limit. We were adding friends at an alarming rate but for over a year we haven't had any, because once you hit the limit, not only do your requesters get denied, you aren't notified of a new request. AND the friggin ghost hunters bow up your request because the word haunted is in the name. To each his own, we'll keep plugging the fan page
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    Apr 2009
    www.hauntatrockyledge.com what we do for our facebook page is if you like us you get a coupon to our event. We also post updates, quizes trivia, teases, videos etc.

  7. Default Fun! 
    Facebook seems to be where everyone is at! Shane and it's "fan page us" Shane


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