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Thread: Give me the lowdown.

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  1. Default Pro Haunts I need to Know Everything. 
    Hey guys,

    As you may already know I am doing a professional haunted house next year. We are going to be in an inside venue that has no sprinkler system to my knowledge. I know we have to have emergency exits every 50 or 25 feet, I believe, and all doorways and rooms must be at least 4 feet wide. Now thats all I know. I don't know about fireproofing, emergency lights, what we can cover the top of our haunt with. Is fireproofing a must?
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    Only your fire marshal can tell you the correct answers. Go to him now and get the correct answers before you spend one cent.
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    For sure talk to your fire marshal or fire inspector. It is the law that any haunted house that is over 1000 sq ft of continuous area must have a sprinkler system and a fire suppression system!
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    Frightener is working closely with his Fire Marshal to insure a safe show, but he is also using some innovative approaches and workarounds to avoid a lot of the more costly aspects of what he is doing. For instance, his haunt is made up of four separate buildings, each less than 1000 sq ft and separated with open air sections. If your Fire Marshal wants to work with you, there are solutions to almost any challenge, just so long as you always adopt a "Safety First" attitude and stance.

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    Is there a way to get around using fireproofing in your paint? That stuff is expensive. If there isn't how much do you have to add to Speedcoat interior flat paint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wilmont Estate View Post
    Is there a way to get around using fireproofing in your paint? That stuff is expensive. If there isn't how much do you have to add to Speedcoat interior flat paint?
    That sounds like an Allen or Greg question, but, basically, there are many ways to get fire retardant onto your stuff, whether mixed into the paint, or added afterwards. What was the particular application or concern that you had in mind? Coating wall panels? Props?


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