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Thread: Give me the lowdown.

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    After going through a tight section then a more open section you rebuild a sense of anticipation of here we go again rather than continous non stop crap to the point that it is stupid and never ending. A big part of customer satisfaction is having an overall relief here and there, combining this is really pretty to this is really scary.

    You have to think bigger. Instead of this 8 foot by 8 foot room has a werewolf in it, this whole 1000 SF is maybe 6 rooms and halls that you can't really tell what is a hall because something happens there too. The whole 1000 SF is a werewolf room. Then it just comes down to any building and how many 1000 SF rooms do you want with spaces inbetween that are varied from 400 SF to even another 1000 SF open area with big props in them.

    Another fabulous post from the U.S.Department of Wild Imaginings, now in spectaclar stereo, sponsored by the Adhesives and Sealants Council, suggesting ways to stick things together since the 1800s. Not fabulous in a gay way. Your results may vary. Illinois residents add 8% sales tax. These posts have been made by professional post makers, do not try this type of posting on your own without extensive training, lovely assistants and a trusty clown horn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wilmont Estate View Post
    That is why I am going to be treating it like a pro haunt. Fireproofing everything, making it ADA accessible, ect.
    That's what we did, but it didn't matter, because it is the wrong use group of residential zoning. Running a business from a residential zoning is illegal. Your township may work with you, but we were shut down. We made $0. Everything we made went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Just be careful and approach your township before they approach you when it's to late.

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    I should have made the more clear. I am not going to be charging admission, I know that is illegal, the only thing you can do it put out a donation box.

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