I may be the only one from Michigan who will admit this, but I am open to any suggestions. My haunt which by this time in the season is usually very busy is instead very slow.

We did more advertising than we have in a few years. We have always had a great reputation. The word of mouth is great about this years show. All posted reviews and polls have us as one of the best attractions. The weather has been ok not great but we have seen much worse in the past. We are in a ten year established location. Our price is lower than almost every other haunt in the area. I have some of the best actors in the industry and with all that being said we are struggling to pay the bills.

The beginning of the season started out pretty good, up 23% from last year. But the last 2 weekends have been pathetic. I, for the first time in our history had to let some of our cast and crew go this week. Pretty much anybody that we didn't absolutely need. I usually have to hire more people by now.

I have heard about and from several other local attractions that they are in the same boat. Some of them have actually had to close early on some nights (Friday's & Saturday's) by 10:00 because they have no customers.

My projection for the season is to be down about 30% from last year which was not a stellar season either by any means.

So I guess I am wondering is this just a Michigan thing or this is happening in other parts of the country as well? Does anyone have any ideas why, other than the obvious poor economy?

I have never been this frustrated and unsure of the future. I know we still have our best days ahead of us but it's hard to imagine we can make up the difference and still pull off a decent year.

Puzzled and depressed,