Detroit has always had a bad reputation and a high crime rate. Although not in Detroit, we are actually the closest haunt to Detroit and that has never been a problem for us. Our customers know that we have ample security. We have also never had a major security problem in the 10 years we have been open in fact our Detroit customers seem to have great respect for our attraction and are less of a problem than our suburb customers.

The Tigers just had the biggest, pathetic, colossal loss I have seen in a long time and will probably be out of the playoffs tomorrow! So if that's the problem it should be over soon.

I agree that the price of haunts in the area may have a lot to do with it. One haunt is advertising single admission price for one attraction at $28.00 per ticket. People around here for sure can't afford that and I was surprised to see that price. I think that could hurt their attendance a lot this year, even though it is a very good haunt and the most attended around here for a long time. As far as the other haunt you are talking about, they have been known to have too high of an admission price for many years and pretty much everyone has figured out that their gimmick is just that. Actually, I thought that those reasons may give my haunt a bit of an advantage this year but it's not the case so far. We have kept our price lower than most of the other haunts and even lowered our kids price this year by $2.00. We also had many nights that we offered huge discounts, one coming up this Friday.

We have our fingers crossed for the rest of the season and will continue to provide our customers with a top notch show at a very affordable price. With all the things we are doing the right way, I am still hopeful that customers will still come out in force the rest of the season. I hope so because this is my last year and I would hate to go out on a terrible year. I put too much into it for that to happen.

So, wish us luck and the same to all of the other haunters out there!