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Thread: Taking the big step

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  1. Default Taking the big step 
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    Dec 2006
    I have been creating everything from props to full houses for a variety of attractions in the Twin Cities for the past 20+ years. I am now at that point where I'd like to build my own stand-alone haunt. I am associated with a small group of fellow haunters that feel we have gone as far as we can working for other haunts. There is much talent there, and we're on the lookout for more.

    So now, the fun part begins - raising the dough to build the haunt (first-year build-outs are so much freakin' fun! ). Are there any haunt business managers out there looking for a new challenge (I mean that) in Minnesota?

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    Jan 2007
    Do you not read my posts???

    Been looking for people like you for years, yet no one ever seems to reply or care. I know there are tuns of Halloween lovers in Minnesota, they all must be shy or to scared to say hi.

    Anyway if you have not checked out my website take a look;


    We are planning a new commercial haunt for 2013 in the East side of the Twin Cities to support disabled Minnesota Veterans.

    Let me know what your thinking and find us on facebook and click "like".
    Mr. Haunt

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    Dec 2006
    I guess I didn't state that I've been away from the forums for some time.
    Sorry, Mr Haunt (and others), I haven't looked at the site at all lately. Your charity is certainly a noble one!
    I create single props (many large), set pieces, and full houses. A few of the haunts have gone away, some have changed, some continue on (Spooky World, MOA, MN State Fair HH, Nightmare at Trout Air and Fright Farm to name a handful).

    Starting anew is frightening in itself! As I've stated, I am looking for a couple of experienced business/haunt people to help get this new venture off the ground. I have nearly everything finished in my head as to what kind of a haunt it will be - we're going for all-out fear! I have been working at it for the past year to get everything put on paper.

    While I'm working to make this Haunt a reality, I will still make props for people. Yes, I do charge, but I cannot give quotes for what I build until I've designed something for a particular haunt. That is, I'll make it for YOU. You won't see the same thing at all the other haunts around town.

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