I'm wondering what kinds of experience people have with adding extra dates in the middle of the season. With rainouts wiping out opening weekend for us, a couple of the other events at our location either have decided to open up on extra days (Thursdays/Sundays), or are considering it. On one hand, making up lost income from lost nights is enticing. However, my two arguements against adding dates are that unless you get proper advertising to let everyone know you are open (which isn't easy on short notice) you could be looking at empty events, and that I'm not running at close to capacity anyway, so I'd much rather just try and increase audience on our already open Friday/Sat schedule, instead of doing extra nights.

So I have an number of questions for those who have tried adding nights in the middle of the season:

When adding nights, have they been successful?
What methods have you tried getting the word out for new nights that weren't on the schedule?
Do you do something special with new nights to get people out? (Discounts? Special events?)

Looking for both positive and negative experiences on this before making a final decision in the next day or so.