More and more I hear and see actors waiting to pounce on someone who may or may not be coming down the dark hallway. On those slow periods where the actor is face planted against plywood peeking through the tiny peep-holes I ask this question:
Would it be a good idea to have a warning system for actors?
Some actors have sounds from props for letting them know people are coming. But other actors just wait and wait especially just before closing time.
Here is an interesting fact. Depends on who you ask this question to you get different answers.
The owners of haunts (the ones I know) would say there is little need to make them as there is such a little need for them.
The actors (the ones I asked) would say, hell yes it would be nice to have a warning system.

There is a need for an actor warning system but I donít see it being useful during the busy times until closing time. The warning system could be something as simple as a dim LED that goes on where the actor needs to be. When a person comes near the actor can be ready and waiting, without that waiting and waiting feeling that takes down the testosterone actors have.

Very interested in your thoughts on this.