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Thread: Warning system for actors (question)

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  1. Default Dude...loving it! 
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    To: rfsystems

    Love these ideas of yours. Particularly the warning system. Imagine if you made a button/trigger that lets actors press in an emergency, letting security know so to arrive there in no time. There could be poster sized haunt maps with different colored led's in every location. These posters should be displayed everywhere a security official is and at every common area where employees can see it.
    The different colors could be; yellow for missing actors or actor needs (more fog, bathroom, water). Red for security. Green for House open. Blue for clogging. White for customer needs to be walked out. And so on. In a perfect world the posters would be hung in every actor station.

    Granted, there is one big draw back with leds, and that is they are too bright to use in a haunt. There are ways to dim the lights but you don't want to dim the red ones.
    Also, the poster maps should show passages and hidden doors for security.

    I, for one, love this idea and if I had the ability to build it I would. Last season one actor from the darkness was taken away in an ambulance. If this warning system was in place haunters can very easily take care of customers and each other.

    ~The Imagineer~

    Andrew de Ruiter

    Download part 1 of Andrew's Black Book of ideas for haunts here:

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    I have tv monitors all around the haunt in key areas for actors even in my waiting area because I also am one of the main actors and these tv's are a mirror image off the camera system through the haunt that we watch and run props from, I also help with running props from my area to help on the busy nights with a few tied in push button triggers. The actors love this because they can also enjoy watching all the scares though out the haunt. I even have one in the ticket booth for them to watch. We also have peep holes for some and several mention they listen for animated props to let them know someone is coming.

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    rfsystems Guest
    Glad to know someone liked the idea. It came about due to the way we communicate through out the haunt, 2-way radios with too much radio chatter. And the signal to let the next group in the door is a siren thatís manually triggered once a group passes a specific point. I really wanted to make something that would benefit the entire house and not just one room. I still think itís a do-able idea.

    Ok, here is were I guess a disclaimer is orderÖ I donít claim to be an electronic engineer nor do I mean for anyone to take this and attempt to wire up a circuit based on these thoughts. they are not meant to be instructions. Doing anything like what is described here should be done at your own risk.

    In case youíre interested the thoughts or functionality it was based on isnít that difficult to understand. Here is the way I imagined this thing working, if youíre ever interested in attempting some thing like this.

    The Central unit had relays in it that connected to individual circuits that represented specific rooms. A mat switch or motion sensor triggers the relay which would light up an LED on each of the room units, indicating activity. This basic circuit would be duplicated for the number of rooms you wanted to track.

    The emergency button for each room would require a bit more planning but it works off some of the same basic circuitry. The central relay and LED that represents each room is done the same, but the panic button in each room would need to be split in the central unit. One side to the relay and the other with a diode inline wired to a siren, the diode is so all the panic buttons donít get shorting out when one of them is pushed.
    This could be setup in a very raw state where you would have to go back a turn off the panic button triggered or with a little more ingenuity and an electronics degree it could be configured to function with push buttons that wouldnít require resetting.

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