While I consider myself pretty good at scaring people at my haunt, I realize that there's always going to be some people who just refuse to get scared. These people, I've decided, I'm going to try to make laugh. In fact, I've developed my act that I try to incorporate both scares and comedy into all of my customers. I'll scare them, and then tease them, taunt them, insult them, maybe actually have a short conversation with them in order to make them laugh. My character I'm pretending to be is fairly good at this, being a lonely, insane hillbilly that's only too eager to chat with everybody who comes his way. I've found that the customers generally tend to enjoy this, especially when I manage to strike one of their friend's nerves (mentioning how a guy is hiding behind his girlfriend, for instance).

What's your opinion? Is comedy a good tactic to use in a haunted house, or should actors stick strictly to scaring their guests?