Have done some "small" things the last days

Mini LED spot
(Idea after watched Allen H making them in his youtube channel)

Some components did find the way in the mail
LED are 35.000 mcd ultrabright cold white
Resistors are 330 Ohm 1/2 W
Have 100 of each

Time to start putting them together

Have put some of them together and added cables from some "murdered" computer PSU.
I have used this size of cables to make sure the spot can handle to be mounted a lot of times without the cable break off

have to mount all the finished spots to on power supply just to see how much light they can produce

Closeup look on one of the finished spots
This is how the LED is inside the tubing.

Some of the Computer PSU`s that actually did work have been modified to serve us as a 12V power supply, This one is tweaked to produce 12.8V instead of 12.2 to give us a little more voltage drop over the LED since the resistor is a little to "big"

Hope you guys like what you see