After 20 yrs and much consideration I am tired and am officially done !!! I have an entire haunt inventory for sale after the end of this season I have 100 custom zombie statics, air cannons and animations, lights , sound system , costumes , masks roughly 30 walls air compressor / supplys 7 real coffins , autopsy table 2 gurneys 4 candelabras, furniture/ fireplace , plants, flowers. tomb stones, body parts chainsaws (static and working) 3d black light canvas, 3 camo nets foggers, tvs and much more ( wall system 65 walls, ticket booth and facade not included but added if other partner agrees ) The haunt is actually in operation thru Halloween and can be seen in actual use this weekend !! I hate to let this all go as it is in excellent shape and has served me well but I need a change and want to see it go to good use .

thanks Patrick