The Songwriter And His Song!

"The ties that bind two hearts shall never be broken" was the final verse written by the songwriter whose eyes flowed tears. It was yet one more dedication of his love for the woman who had passed away eight years ago. As he tried to wipe his eyes, to look up at the 8 X 10 framed picture on the wall above his computer, still more tears were released.

She was his inspiration for writing love songs and throughout the years they spent at each other's side, each new love song had made her blush. They both knew he would never cut a record, he'd never be heard on the radio. But still, she was happy to sit on the porch swing and listen to the words sung which held such a magical meaning for each of them.

Emily was his life, the reason for his existence and yet, death took her one morning in the midst of a peaceful sleep. He never had that chance to tell her how deeply she filled his heart with joy before she died. When he finally could see her picture clearly, he saw the smile, that love swept smile that told him through good times or bad, they would never be apart. Yet, they were apart.

On many a afternoon or evening he would go to the cemetery where she rest, placing a yellow rose upon her headstone and sitting down on the green grass. There he would tell her what he had been doing or thinking and of course, how deeply he missed her. He also from time to time would bring his guitar and play for her one of several songs which were special to Emily.

This was such a morning and he parked his car in the space he always parked in, got out and walked to her grave. He placed a yellow rose upon her headstone as the sun was felt warm against his cheek. He sat down and laid his guitar beside him. As time passed, he told Emily of things that had happened since he had last visited her. He told her of his plans to finally get the courage to send some of his songs to a record label.

Then he told her that he had finally finished writing his newest song called, "The Ties That Bind Two Hearts!" His tears had fell upon his guitar long before he had finished his song and once he finished he spoke. "I know you would have loved it my darling, I know you would of." When he had composed himself, he stood and leaned over and kissed her headstone softly.

“Tonight, I’m going down to Millie’s Cafe darling and I'm going to sing this song to anyone who listens. I wish you could be there too." he said with a smile that always melted her heart. The songwriter turned and slowly walked back to his car and drove away. When his clock shown 7:15 pm, he drove down to Millie’s Cafe, just a small town place where folks shared a good meal and sometimes a song was sung. Karaoke was on Friday night's but this was Monday.

He arrived at the cafe at 7:25 and as he walked into Millie’s, many looked up, smiled and waved. At 7:45, stage lights came on and Millie stepped out in her lavender dress with a strand of white pearls around her neck. She told the group of 19 diners that he was going to share with them his newest love song in memory of Emily and everyone began to clap.

The songwriter wasn't shy, he had sang here many times and some people came to the cafe especially on Monday evenings hoping he'd be singing. When he stepped out onto the stage, everyone began to clap and cheer before a single song was sung. You could see his eyes beaming with excitement, for the love in his heart was matched by the sound of his voice and each word sung.

He looked across the tables, one by one from left to right and said just one sentence. "This song is for you Emily. I wish you were here to hear me sing it." As he sang verse after verse, he could see the smiles, he could see the tears forming in each lady’s eyes. He could see them squeeze their partner's hands because the love he felt was felt in each verse.

Just as he was almost finished and nearing the last verse, he happened to look to his right, at an empty table in the back corner. To his surprise he saw a single yellow rose on the table and in the once empty chair sat Emily. She had a beautiful soft glow surrounding her and there were tears of joy in her eyes. As he finished that verse and everyone began to clap, Emily picked up the rose and with her other hand, she waved goodbye and she disappeared.

The songwriter didn't hear the cheering people who felt that he had sung the perfect love song. He didn't see the standing ovation given to him for the very first time. All he heard was the soft soothing voice of Emily whispering "I love you so much my darling, I will never forget your love for me."

©2006 Raymond Cook (All rights reserved)