I have for sale one scarefactory black wenidengo & one white wendenigo animated with controls & fog blast out of mouth $3900.00 each

i have tons of unit 70 bodies for sale male and female purchased new 2012

i have alot of ghostride full & half hanging bodies male & female purchased new in 2012

i also have a complete 3d clown haunt for sale with vortex , air cannons , clown death maze , led uv blacklights all walls and the complete 4000sq ft haunt was painted by stuart smith. The terror under the big top will be sold with the 12 ft facade & all artwork

also have over 60 silicone masks for sale

i also have the house of terror for sale & the butchers revenge if anyone is interested

please contact us at info@pureterror.com or call 845-391-0071

we plan to add pictures and video to our facebook page & youtube soon check out pureterror screampark on facebook & pureterrorny on youtube for video and pictures soon