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Thread: Companies to work with and those not to...

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  1. Default Companies to work with and those not to... 
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    Oct 2012
    Fairbanks, AK
    So after finishing up our amazing first year. We had so much fun creating and running our haunt. I had some brief and some lengthy dealings with several companies. And now that I am looking forward to our next year. I am taking some of those lessons forward and I was curious as to what others dealings have been like. Though some are fantastic, my experiences have not all been great. And since Transworld is right around the corner. Who would you deal with again and who wouldn't you deal with again?

    The Good

    Gore Galore: Fantastic people... Great products and they really came through with some great costumes and props.
    Ghostride Productions: Would definitely order from again. They came through with some fantastic looking props for us.
    Onadira Scare Products: The Claustrophobia walls were fantastic and well made.
    Fearscape Studios: Todd Lefebvte was a good guy to work with.
    Dental Distortions: Great people, great products!
    Foothill Creations: Another set of great dental products.
    1313FX: Tom came through with some great masks on short notice.
    Hauntedprops.com: all I can say is Joe went the extra mile to help and make sure we were taken care of.

    The Bad

    Shot In The Dark Scare Tools: I currently have a BBB complaint in thats getting no response. He took the money and never answers his phone. Watch out, I wish I had read all the warnings before placing any kind of order with this joker. I still don't have my product Can't wait to see him at the show. It will be easy to recognize him. He'll be the guy that is getting reemed by the former Drill Sergeant!!!

    But after all that, I have to say I am very happy that there was only one company out of all those that I wouldn't deal with again. And I certainly appreciated all the help and advice everyone gave me during our first year. We put through almost 8000 people and really made a name for ourselves in the community here and we could never had done it with out the support of some great Haunt companies.


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    Sep 2009
    Indianapolis, In
    Be sure to visit the HauntersDigest Vendor Reviews and rate and review the vendors there so when people are looking them up at Transworld using our mobile apps, they will see who to avoid and who to do business with!

    News and event coverage from directly inside the Haunt Industry - http://www.hauntersdigest.com
    Get a Website and/or Mobile App for Your Attraction - http://www.charlesterry.com

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    Nov 2003
    Companies that have a history of screwing Haunters should not be aloud to show at Transworld.


  4. Default The BBB will do nothing for you........... 
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    Mar 2012
    the seem to exsist to simply "EXSIST". they do NOTHING. Trust me, I know from experience.........a total joke. good luck !!!!

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