i remember when i used to be a backyard haunter. everything was so fun and stress free. we all got together and had a blast. no fighting , no arguing and no drama. it seems since i went pro i developed a staff of people that help build but some also bring to the table a load of bad baggage. every idea i have seems to be questioned by people that have no haunt experience. like their brains automatically look at alternative ways of doing things and argue the point. if they dont get their way they get pissy and mad and talk into the ears of my good helpers. i have some that always show up in a bad mood and it seems their not happy untill they piss someone off. i once hung a sign saying " if your in a bad mood do not enter" it didnt work. they fight with each other like kids. one is always mad at another and so on. i want to get my haunt back to how it was before. i didnt get into haunting to be mad every day wile im doing it. do any of you deal with problems like this? it really takes the wind out of u. is it worth keeping a hard working bad egg in the bunch?