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Thread: 【SOCIAL MEDIA】➔ Do you think Social Media is important?

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  1. Default 【SOCIAL MEDIA】➔ Do you think Social Media is important? 
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    Mar 2013
    Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
    Do you think Social Media is important? http://tmblr.co/ZkwrDsns2by2

    Here are a few facts from 2012.
    - Facebook reached 1 Billion users
    - 100,000 Tweets are sent on Twitter each minute
    - Instagram now has over 100 Million users
    - 70% of adult social networkers shop online
    - 83% of people on social networks want deals and promotions
    - 58% of people on social networks want exclusive content

    So what do you think now? Don't miss out!

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  2. Social Media 
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    Mar 2012
    Chicago, IL
    Social Media is absolutely important. Two years ago, we took pictures of our customers in front of a logo backdrop and posted them to our facebook page, people were then tagging themselves in them, sharing them with friends, making them profile images and more. It was a great tool to get more people to the page. We also invited people to "CHECK IN so your family knows where to find the body." and that had people pulling out their smartphones while waiting in line. If someone doesn't utilize Social Media these days, they are not doing something right.
    Sean Hughes - National Sales Manager
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    www.pixelpushersinc.com - The nations leading printing and design company for the haunted industry.

  3. Default The "Trail Of Terror" 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Is a State Government Funded Tourism agency here in N.W. Ill. that gets their funding from the Hotel/motel tax, this year they have dropped the brochure they have had for this event ever since it began and now only have a rack card with their web site on it which then has the websites of the events they are promoting, pumpkin patches, motels, Parades.. "Haunted Happenings".
    Ravens Grin was the reason they began this but I dropped out of it for a few years for purely personal reasons. We were in it last year with almost no measurable business coming from this.
    We liked the brochures because the haunts could possibly hand a waiting customer one to promote what other haunts were just down the road that their customer was unaware of (we did this ) There was, of course a nice map, well marked for them to follow with all the needed information, now all of this will need a I-Phone to access it?
    We already have our own website and it just seems as if they are now in direct competiton with Haunted Illinois .com who we also use.
    The weakest part of their plan is the rack cards being displayed in tourist stops where there maybe 300 different rack cards for every imaginable thing to go-see-do. Almost nobody EVER picked up any of our rack cards from such places and we paid good money for that priveledge to have them there. ("Live and Learn")
    Checking on their "Map" they have us listed but our logo is hidden behind a different logo for the town's Halloween Nights" and doesnot pop out from behind it until you zoom down to street level, making it pretty much completely useless to most casual users from a distance away who probably wouldnot be zooming down that low for any reason as they plan their trip from home 130 miles away.

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