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Hmm..both are really cool ideas. And easier than some of the stuff we've done in the past. One year we did a moving floor with a mattress under it. Just added a sheet of braced plywood over it and had the corners hidden under a lip of wood ringed in vinyl. Worked pretty good for one person at a time.
Good option.

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The bridge..does it work as well if more than one person is on it at a time ? I seem recall it won't move as much. Would a two or more small bridges work better than a big bridge?
As with all things, YMMV. If it works better with a 12' section, do a 12' section. If 8', do 8'. What you mainly want is a stable footing. If you had a 4' section, that could be the middle of a pace for someone, where they step onto it with one foot, and off of it with the other, where they only have the one foot making contact, which would create that potential for slipping and falling. It doesn't have to move too much. Just a few inches in any given direction is more than enough.

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Since we're on Funhouse gags, I love the blast of air from the floor one..really gets a lot of people..especially that one person that is so scared they keep looking down.. lol
It would be great to have a thread or even a subforum dedicated to funhouse effects. Again, usually cheap or free, since the cost is absorbed by the base cost of building the haunt in the first place.