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Thread: Who is going to Legendary Haunt Tour This Coming Weekend???

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  1. Default Who is going to Legendary Haunt Tour This Coming Weekend??? 
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

  2. Default Legendary haunt 
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    Feb 2010
    Brookings SD
    Sitting in he airport right now. Have always wanted to see these attractions. It will be nice to enjoy a haunted house event and everyone else is doing all the work.

    Fear Asylum Haunted House


  3. Wink Not going BUT... 
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    Nov 2009
    Lafayette, CO
    I did a trip this October to see haunts in Texas and Louisiana in the middle of October, and the night in LA was by far my favorite. If you can go, GO!

    Before I saw it in person, I really only though of House of Shock as just an extreme satanic haunt down in New Orleans, but after seeing it in person it has SO much more to offer. It probably had the most realistic set design I've ever seen in a haunt. PERIOD. It also had a great use of ramps and crazy elevation changes in the path, which really brought it to life.

    13th Gate was everything I'd expected it to be; it starts off indoors with the first few gates being super-realistic depictions of real world settings, which continnues outside. About half way through the outdoor section, the theming shifts from human-made settings to the fantastical realm of beehives, caves, grottos, etc; all of which feel life size and are insanely epic. 13th Gate also had an amazing and original use of claustrophobia tunnels, so to you skeptics of the claustrophobias (**cough** Larry **cough**), you have to see how 13th Gate uses theirs!

    Overall, these are two of the best haunt I've ever seen, and not only are fun to go through but actually offer A LOT of new ideas that I haven't seen anywhere else in the country.

    P.S. House of Shock is LOUD, especially the pre-show, so you may want to pick up a pair of earplugs.
    *Sigh*I can't wait til' October

  4. Default We went to the Legendary Haunt tour..... 
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    Jan 2009
    Atlanta, Georgia
    I had toured them both several years ago with a Hauntcon tour. I took my business partner so he could see them. They were amazing. And if you get the chance you have to check out Necropolis 13. Legendary doesn't even begin to cover how good it is!
    Nightmare's Gate Haunted House
    "What I need is more power and less *@^! from you people....... HEY....... who took my tiara of pain!!!"

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    Dec 2008
    Longview, Texas
    I went and it was fantastic!! Getting started on my cemetery crypts next weekend. House of Shock AMAZING!!! Thanks Joey and Ernie! 13th Gate and Necropolis WOW!! Fantastic! What an inspiration. Like I said Im starting on my crypts next week!! And Kathyrn I simply can't thank you enough!! I had a wonderful time.


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    Aug 2011
    I have heard people are saying that the 13th Gate makes other haunts like the darkness in St.Louis and Netherworld look like a Jaycee haunt and everyone else look like a home haunt. I should get down there to see for myself one day. Heard HOS is awesome as well.


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