Hi All:

An opportunity has presented itself where our event may have access to a great location - our goal, with an investor who is excited by the project, is to move our current haunted attraction, open two more haunts, and centralize them in a "scream park" approach seen in other places in the nation. We have done some early inquires with other haunt operators in the area to see if they have interest in moving their event to join us, as a larger event seems - in my opinion - a bigger draw overall for everyone. In 2014 we then hope to expand to a Christmas event. In time, the idea is to expand the location to become a local events center with other opportunities throughout the year.

The location has existing ticket booths / turnstiles, plenty of parking and even a tram that can take guests from one end of the mile-long grounds to the other. It's extensive. Most likely we would have to create the event with multiple tents surrounding a central crossroads area with concessions / music, etc. I'd miss the atmosphere of a forest, but the idea of being out of the rain for once makes me almost giddy.

I've created and operated professional haunted attractions for close to 14 years, but this is at a level that is new to me. Any suggestions / insight / warnings for opening such a big event? Has anyone ever had multiple haunts from different owners under one roof?

Thanks for reading!