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Thread: Centralizing Sound

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  1. Default Centralizing Sound 
    Could anyone share ideas on how to centralize sound in a haunt? I know one can run multiple SFX from a laptop, but it's the hardware I'm not familiar with - the kind of wiring, amps, and such that would allow us to run the whole show from a central point (again, right now, sound only).

    The next question is doing this outdoors. We're looking to bury wire to a network of locations along a trail where speakers can be installed every year but, again, my personal knowledge of the kind of wire needed and the amps required is sketchy. Any direction or suggestions out there?

    As always, my thanks!

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    you have a ton of options- check out this thread-

    or this one-

    Really read through those threads, they are gold.

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    In the woods I ran my event I planned against centralized sound. I had to cover 1/2 mile of real thick woods. Limbs fall. Squirrels chew through wires. I used cheap individual ones with cheap mp3 player / amp / speakers that auto-play on power. It all depends on your needs of course. Just thought I'd mention my setup as an idea.

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    The threads Allen sent are great. There are so many options. Right now I have centralized audio outside through a Yamaha Console (16 channel) and I use Wav Runners for my MP3s. I love these things (Hauntbot) because they are dependable, cheap, and very simple. I use amplified speakers inside because I like the punch and the flexibility they give me. I really only use an amp for my outside speakers (big Peavey speakers I bought from a rock band).

    When its time to turn everything on, its a few switches and I am ready to go. I will be expanding this rig to cover inside as well.
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