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Thread: 2012 Attendance and Google Trends

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  1. Default 2012 Attendance and Google Trends 
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    Mar 2012
    I was reflecting on this past season. I live in a college town, and my staff and I talked to a lot of college students during October. We were surprised by how many guys we talked to that had never been to a haunted anything (house or trail) and seemed very tentative (scared?) about going. However many of these guys were taking their girlfriends to a corn maze for a date night. I ran just a haunted trail on a farm and wasn't able to get a corn maze up this year. It definately got me thinking that I might can lure more sheltered types in by offering a relatively safe corn maze but then try and get them to try the haunted stuff out too while they are already there.

    So I ran a google trends search on "corn maze" to see what kind of pattern of searches it was getting over the past few years:


    So this year was significantly down from the past two. I have no idea if it's related but the low years seem to be around presidental election years. However the term "fall festival" was steadily increasing each year:


    Anyone interested in discussing this? I guess I'm wondering if the peaks and valleys of "corn maze" traffic relate to anyone's traffic patterns over the past few years. I'm a nerd for graphs so maybe it's just a pointless line of thinking.

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    Apr 2012
    Omaha, NE
    I don't think its pointless at all; just the opposite in any business. Google search keywords will soon be the biggest draw factor for new business (actually it probably is already)

    I know the haunts in my area, but I still searched google to see if there were any new ones anyway.

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    Aug 2007
    Cleveland, Ohio
    roughly 6 months ago, google got faced a huge lawsuit that meant they wernt allowed to report traffic in analytics or google trends of any person who is logged into there google account. which is a ton of people. Haunts who had traffic that was up huge this year showed lower traffic in google analytics and it showed that google trends for their keywords were down.

    Just a heads up
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    These are the smart debates and more people should add input because this is how you get money to buy new props or build new scenes or pay your bills...

    Technology is changing so fast and its so hard to keep up with it and I'm talking about technology from the marketing standpoint.

    Yes I want to see this discussed. Good points.


  5. Default Wireless Networks have become intelligent 
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    Mar 2011
    Raleigh, NC
    Technology is moving faster than you think. There are some aspects of what I am going to deluge that are already out there working, and there is some of this stuff in the works (this is my day job). When you use your cell phone, and you have selected the little option about using your location to support an application (like Google Maps), you are by law now telling Google (or any other company, including your cell phone company) that you are giving them permission to share your location with applications.

    These applications can come from another company, such as an ad company. We are working on something right now that will look at the web sites you visit, and the areas you travel, and send this information to an ad server that in turn sends you a customized ad. Not just customized to your location, but also in your interests. If you visit a lot of haunted house websites for example, the ad server would send you ads about haunted houses, and because it knows where you are (that little GPS thingy in your phone) it can tell you about haunted houses in your area.

    Its real stuff, being implemented next year in major wireless networks all over the world. And there is a lot more to come.
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    Aug 2003
    Tyler, Texas, United States
    Not sure how effective that is going to be when everyone is 10% haunt sites or 1/1000ths percent looked up a haunted house site and 98% Porn sites.

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